Identity Verification and
Compliance Automation

Identity Verification and
Compliance Automation

Solving the Cost of Compliance

Solving the cost of compliance

Meet global compliance demands with ease. Reduce costs and focus on

growing your business.

Identity Verification and Compliance Automation

Trusted service in reducing costs necessary to meet
AML/CTF Compliance and full goAML reporting automation

Onboard Customers

Customer onboarding streamlined. Get customers transacting in a few minutes.

Stop Fraud

Stop fraud, money laundering, and terror financing in your business.

Compliance Sorted

Compliance nightmares are in the past. Focus on what your business does best.

Digital Solutions Across Multiple Industries

Many companies are transacting online and moving to non-face-to-face business models

    Business has never been simpler

    User Verification

    Our KYC solution streamlines customer onboarding. Get your customers processed in minutes.

    Sanction Screening

    Check For Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS) and Associates. Scan over 60 watch lists for sanctioned entities

    Auto Reporting

    Reports formatted to goAML standard requirements & submitted automatically. Save time and stay compliant

    Customer Onboarding

    Verify And Risk Rate Complex Beneficiary Ownership Structure's

    GloRep helps organisations track the ownership structures of entities. Know Your Business (KYB) simplified


    Multiple team members. Customizable roles per team member with Module access level control

    Organizations have a single point of contact for multiple Jurisdiction Financial Intelligence Unit sites.Upload/report all CTR,SAR,STR,IFTR directly from our platform. our GoAML integration works across multiple jurisdictions.

    Facilitate multiple on boarding workflow scenarios in an organization to provide full automated turnkey solutions

    Secure REST API. Interact with our API to extract full customer records for 3rd party integration.Web-hooks are available to rapidly update integrated systems

    Two-factor authentication for all organizations and team members.Super Admin override support

    Data is encrypted and stored in accordance with GDPR, SOC2, and POPI Compliance mandates

    Export full customer onboard profile results with ID and selfie images/Sanction screen results/proof of address.

    goAML FIU reporting STR ,SAR,CTR ,TFTR formatted to goAML standard requirements and submitted to local goAML FIU

    Customizable data retention policies to suit organizational needs and compliance requirements.

    Provide your own branding. Dedicated resources and server hosting. We provide a full turn-key solution

    Users can start a workflow process from their desktops and switch to mobile for better image options

    Dashboard Analytics to understand your customer’s experience.Providing insight to enhance service

    Flexible risk rating matrix to rate individuals and entities according to the information collected and verified with government data sources 

    Flexible scheduling for Sanction/PEP screens. Schedule KYC refresh cycles base on risk

    Upload customer documents. Define custom document  types in our workflow for your customers to upload, i.e bank statement or utility bill.

    Track all interactions on client records and operator login sessions

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