Image Quality Requirements

Below are the requirements for size and quality of document images captured by any device, which are necessary for successful image processing by Document Reader SDK:

Guideline Correct Incorrect

Good lighting: Good lighting helps to achieve better OCR results. If the image is too dark or too bright, the document might not be processed successfully.

Avoid reflections: Glares and reflections interfere with processing and reduce data extraction accuracy. We recommend not to use the flash of your mobile device when capturing document images.

Focus and sharpness: Make sure the image is clear and there are no blurred areas.

Angle: The tilt angle of the document should not exceed 10 degrees in any direction (horizontal or vertical)

Margins (too small): Make sure there is minimal space around the document. It is recommended that the document takes up 70-80% of the image.

Margins (too big): Make sure the space around the document does not take up more than 20-30% of the image. It is recommended that the document takes up 70-80% of the image.

Contrast: The document should be in clear contrast to the background. A light-colored document on a light background, as well as a dark-colored document on a dark background, might not be recognized.

Resolution of the image :To achieve a good quality of recognition of identification documents, we recommend that you provide images captured by a camera with a resolution of at least Full HD (1920×1080) and autofocus.

Extraneous objects: Make sure your hands or other objects do not cover document data.

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